Experience Second Round as a manager cum mentor

Sometimes, I feel the efforts no use. Many times  taken for granted. But what is worth to treasure and cherish is my teams support, and care. The value and respect they showed is really touchy and many things I learned from them.

I missed my birthday away from my team. But when I came after a week, Dhivya didnt forgot to give me a surprise by keeping a gift box and wishes card in my cubicle. I really liked the words on the cards more than the gift box as those are the words I strive for.

I believe that it was a great honor to meet them , worked with them and gain some respect in due course of time. I am really proud that I got a chance to work with a fresh team, fresh people to start and as I move  ,  I leave them pretty much in good shape and track to achieve great heights and already stuffed with many wonderful projects.

Thanks to all , especially Dhivya and Vijay. I feel to keep the cards snaps as a achievement to share with my readers.

Favorite quote:

“It is nothing extra ordinary to achieve with a trained experts but a great deal if it is all freshers, and that too they finish the project ahead of time with least issues and no change requests”

words touched eternity

nice na


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