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Dolphin: Fatal error: Method name must … BxDolAdminSettings.php on line 158

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Scenario: Had done upgrade from 7.0.1 to  7.0.2 and installed a couple of modules for 7.0.

How the scenario could be trouble shooted: After upgrade, go to and login, then navigate on the menu Settings > Advanced Settings.

Error Observed :

Fatal error: Method name must be a string in /var/www/bestbuds/inc/classes/BxDolAdminSettings.php on line 158

Possible solution that seem to work for me :

(!is_numeric($mixedCategory) ||
isset($this->_aCustomCategories[$mixedCategory][‘content’]) ) &&

Also, Make the below changes somewhere in line 90 on “save” changes function

(!is_numeric($mixedCategory) ||
isset($this->_aCustomCategories[$mixedCategory][‘save’])) &&
) {


Dolphin : Upgrading from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2

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Upgrade Instructions from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 ==>Know that customisation changes would be erased with this initial automated upgrade.Fresh Version only could be upgraded.

#1. Back up your current Dolphin files, folders and database.

#2. Download patch from and extract to Dolphin-Patch-v.7.0.2.

#3. Upload its files to your current installation, replacing all old files.

#4. Remove the .htaccess file in upgrade folder.=>[ Do not remove .htaccess file other than from upgrade folder.]

#5. Run the upgrade script using url http://hostname/projectfoldername/upgrade/. Script does initially automated update.

#6. Complete manual actions as below:-

a.Automatic part of upgade is completed. Please do the following to complete upgrade process:
b.Clean /cache/, /cache_public/ and /tmp/ folders via FTP or SSH, leave only .htaccess file there if one exists
c.Recompile language files for all modules from admin panel -> Tools -> Modules
d.Recompile system language file from admin panel -> Settings -> Languages Settings
e.Recompile Orca Forum language file from admin panel -> Modules -> Orca Forum
f.Set permissions for the following files:

chmod -v 666 ./flash/modules/chat/xml/config.xml
chmod -v 666 ./flash/modules/chat/xml/settings.xml
chmod -v 666 ./flash/modules/video/xml/config.xml
chmod -v 666 ./flash/modules/video/xml/settings.xml
chmod -v 666 ./flash/modules/video_comments/xml/config.xml
chmod -v 666 ./flash/modules/video_comments/xml/settings.xml
chmod -v 755 ./flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe

g.A/V Chat / Video Player / Video Comments settings were reset, if you changed it before you need to update it again in Dolphin admin panel -> Flash Apps -> A/V Chat / Video Player / Comments Video Player -> Settings
Remove /upgrade/ directory

h.Change the following lines in inc/ file:
$site[‘ver’]               = ‘7.0’;
$site[‘build’]             = ‘1’;

to the following:
$site[‘ver’]               = ‘7.0’;
$site[‘build’]             = ‘2’;

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