Enabling Clean – Urls in Drupal 6.3

Drupal 6.3, Ubuntu , PHP5

How to reach clean url admin page:-
Administration Section->Site configuration->Clean URLs

Default Screen

Now, here I found that enable disable was not working. Somewhr I had read about JS based environment luk up happening for clean urls in threads. So I disabled JS from firefox browser. ( Edit menu->Preferences )


JS disabling gets the link to run test manually

After disabling, I refreshed clean url admin page. The page now gives me the “Run test for clean-url”.

I click on the link and it takes me to ‘Not found’ page.

What to review at this point??
#1. .htaccess got copied to root of your install
#2. If #1 is true, Test whether its seen by Apache for handling directives in it. For this type some random chars/text and restart server and access your install. This should break your install. If so, then it luks good. Remove the chars / text and continue to read the following.
#3. Uncomment ‘RewriteBase /drupal’. Note that ‘drupal’ used here is my folder name where I have drupal extracted in my webroot.

Now refresh your clean url admin page. I hope you got a smile seeing the change. 🙂 Cheers.

enable disable controls 🙂

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