Algorithmic Approach to generating Unique traceable paths for uploads

Some thoughts used to model a system which had to actually address the approach for saving user materials.

Base conditions:

  1. Algorithm should always result unique member path for member as root.
  2. Each upload should branch within the above base condition1
  3. Ensure that not a single node grows more than a max sizelimit.


Member materials had to be uniquely placed and key to this was considered the following together.:-

b.Key2:metaxml filename used to build the list view of all member/members shared resourcelist

Unique upload material path for each upload/batch is derived with the following computation:-

$uploadFilesPath =
DirectoryObject->GenerateMemberHashPath(Key1, ‘member’) + “/” +
GenericClassObj->hashSlice(UrlHash($MetaFilename,Key1),FlagSL)+ “/” +


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