Algorithmic Approach to generating Unique traceable paths for uploads-2

To reach the unique file repository its easy right.Let us see how.

Function hashSlice just needs to be returning a substr from hash to branch out unique.Say, like below:-

return substr($hashValue,0,$num);

// pass a class attribute that is assigned/configured to a fixed length.

Logic to generate a fixed member and unique branch for attachment or upload object path for a traceable event:

function inputs are $handle, $type.
$handle = ( $username || $metafilename )
$type = ( user | usrobj )

1. Generate the hashed value with the below strategy.

$hash = 0;
for($i=0; $i < strlen($handle) ; $i++)
$value = substr($handle, $i, 1);
$hash = $hash*17 + ord($value);
$hash %= 9000;

2. Now prepare the fixed user homepath using

$home .=(1+($hash % 9));
$home .=SERVER_PATH.(1+($hash % 9));

(// this is for usrobj type.)based on $type.

3. Apply bitwise shift to 3 places and get modulo of hash.

$hash >>=3;
$hash %=1000;

4. Prepare the homepath of the user as

$home .= “/$hash/$handle”;
$home .= “/$hash/”;


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