Ranking algorithm=>Cleansing time dependency=>Efficient approach

Application idea suggested in thebroth.com and linkibol algorithm detailing.

To know more on Bayesian Averaging : Bayesian

The bayesian rating can be given as:

br = ( (C* avg_rating) + (this_num_votes * this_rating) ) / (C + this_num_votes)


* C: is an ad-hoc constant. If it’s high. It will require more votes for the adjusted (dampened) rating of an item to approach its original unadjusted value.
* avg_rating: The average rating of each item (again, of those that have num_votes>0)
* this_num_votes: number of votes for this item
* this_rating: the rating of this item

br = ( (avg_num_votes * avg_rating) + (this_num_votes * this_rating) ) / (avg_num_votes + this_num_votes)


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