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Plan for Bengaluru : BJP

Posted in society, work with tags , , , , , on April 13, 2009 by saffrongeek
A campaign mail but I felt that these are the needs every Bangalorean wishes to happen one day. Seeing , how the BJP rule brings developments and dreams come true, I take the rare step of putting the mail to my posts to garner support.
Best wishes to you!!
Mail from AnanthKumar /13th April 2009

Join me for Plan Bengaluru

Dear Bangalorean,

Hearty greetings to you.

I am overwhelmed at the response which I got for my previous mail sent to you. Accept my apologies, for my inability to respond to each one of you in person, though I have tried my level best to reply to each of you personally.

I could sum up the crux of your replies as follows.

  1. What will you do for Bengaluru, if you are voted for the fifth time?
  2. Can my travel time to office and back be reduced considerably?
  3. Can you do something to reduce the pollution, I am forced to breathe?
  4. Can I have uninterrupted power supply throughout the year?
  5. Can I be guaranteed pure drinking water at all times in my tap?
  6. Can I move around in peace, doing my job, without fear or tension?
  7. Can I have the green cover, which Bangalore boasted of a few years ago?

These have been asked by several well-wishers and lovers of this once beautiful city. I state “once beautiful”, with some sense of embarrassment and a deep concern for the city where I was born. The past 50 years of congress misrule have reduced not just Bengaluru, but all major cities into a challenge for reformers.

Friends, the blueprint for a Comprehensive Bangalore Development Plan (CBDP) is being prepared. Your queries are timely as I am in the process of finalizing this plan for Bengaluru.

To re-establish the beauty of Bengaluru, would be the duty of any elected member and I promise you that the BJP at the center and BJP in the State would make this matter much easier to achieve. Building Bengaluru back to its erstwhile glory is a matter of duty for me and needless to say this is already an action item on top of my agenda. ABIDe is one determined step in this direction.

The following is a glimpse of what I plan for Bangalore ..

  • Citizen Centric Governance: Citizens Participation – “Citizen-Connect”, Upgradation of Public Utility Services, Safe & Potable Drinking Water, Integrated Mass Transport System – Better coordination between BMTC, KSRTC, Train, Metro & Airport.
  • Urban poor : Health Insurance for under privileged , Mobile Clinics, Implementation of Telemedicine, Health awareness programs. Low cost housing projects for urban poor,
  • Quality Infrastructure of Global Standards: Top class roads, wide footpaths, street lights that work, Wi-max zones for Bangalore, Introduction of 3G Telecom Services, People friendly Parking and Traffic Management, Online payment of utility bills, Dedicated Power Plant for Bangalore.
  • Safe and Secure Bangalore: Creation of Citizen Charters for Safe -Secure Bangalore, Increased night patrolling; special security for working women traveling late hours.
  • Clean – Green Environment: Promoting Rainwater harvesting; Steps to improve ground water table, Promoting plantation in public utility places – ‘One Family One Tree’, Public Transport run by CNG, Adding many more parks.

More details of my Bangalore agenda would be available on my website very soon. Let me know your valuable thoughts. Your response would inspire me to work, more stronger than ever.

Come. Be a part of “TEAM BENGALURU”.

Yours sincerely


Nation First, BJP is the Best


Terrorist Strikes… From the diary – Part 1

Posted in society with tags , , , on December 27, 2008 by saffrongeek

I dont know why I dont feel nationalist this time.Might be bacause I feel hurt or fed up. The attack was on my nation diginity but….

The call to the nation to remain united in the hour of siege is all what I happen to hear everytime and nothing concrete steps ever taken thereafter. Its my feeling that the worst thing one could do to martyr’s is to get them a salute from these politicians.

I from the core of my heart, pay homage to the men who laid down their lives in the line of duty, to those people who risked their lives, acted heroes amidst attacks tense situation.. Also my heartfelt condolences to relatives who lost their near or dear ones perished in this terror attack.

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