Try to Know me?

Hi to U,

Thr is a song deep inside u.’Til tat time, u’ll be restless—until u can sing tat song which u hav come on the stage 2 sing. Doesn’t matter if u feel a little out of tune for 1 min or 2.Go ahead.Sing.”  — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Happy Birthday to you Hari.

I started this space as a attempt to move on my diary to be solely private and somethings in their , i feel could be shared to people close to me NEAR and DEAR. This space does the same. Share some thoughts that could be public and some good things on the technology front, for quick help for myself and someone out there who searches for it.

Its my great pleasure to say that one of my hobby , free-time-chef expeditions, if i could say so, got to be real with Beta-launch of In this site, I share recipes, the kitchen tips and tricks, some Ayurvedic articles on many healthy diets and ingredients and also if needed would get later some expert presence for users queries. Do have a check of this space and let me know how you feel.

Here, it would be purely some out-of the box chit chat, stories and some technical brush-ups that i do and would be really interesting to follow up for sure.

Leaving it to your tastes and thanks for finding time to check around often,

This blog is moved on to and the contents would not be updated her but in the new site. Please find the new site active and this standalone. Visit new site Click here




Author: Harish ( Pen Name: SaffronGeek)
Mobile:  +91 999 5 88 69 21
Skype : holy.geek_saffrongeek
yahoo: hb_marar


3 Responses to “Try to Know me?”

  1. helo (: thanks for e tag!

  2. Madhusudanan P V Says:

    Harish. Thanks. Glad to be here.

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