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forgot to write the subject in our mails.

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Forgot to mention subject, while writing an official mail??????
Some times we may forget to write the subject in our mails. And that too happens
when we sent some important mails to our boss. It happens unintentionally. Don't
worry......... just follow the simple steps mentioned below and see the result.

1. Open your outlook

2. Press Alt+F11. This opens the Visual Basic editor

3. On the Left Pane, one can see “Microsoft Outlook Objects”, expand this. Now
one can see the “ThisOutLookSession”.

4. Click on “ThisOutLookSession”.

5. Copy and Paste the following code in the right pane. (Code Pane)

Private Sub Application_ItemSend (ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)

Dim strSubject As String

strSubject = Item.Subject

If Len(strSubject) = 0 Then

Prompt$ = “Subject is Empty. Are you sure you want to send the Mail?”

If MsgBox(Prompt$, vbYesNo + vbQuestion + vbMsgBoxSetForeground, “Check for
Subject”) = vbNo Then

Cancel = True

End If

End If

End Sub

Save this and now close the VB Code editor and take a breath. From now on, this
macro will make sure you do not make the mistake of sending a mail without


[Resolved] Facebook Video unavailable

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Well there might be other ways to do this but a simple way is to fix your browser. My mozilla on Ubuntu 9.10 was having problem with youtube and facebook. I was able to fix the youtube but facebook was cozin real trouble.

Finally decided to install the following from the facebook plugins:-

0. Greasemonkey

1. Facebook Video

2. Facebook Dislike ( buggy )

3. If interested install other plugins add ons for firefox.

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